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Welcome to EuroAsia Rest​aurant​

 EuroAsia Restaurant

    EuroAsia is the only restaurant in Los Angeles that offers Russian and Uzbek cuisine.  We are located in the heart of Encino at  beautiful plaza De Oro. We are the only restaurant where you can taste authentic Uzbek cuisine such as our famous Uzbek Pilov, Manty, Khanum, Lagman and other traditional dishes of Ukrainian and Russian cultures. We offer exclusive Russian and Uzbek Kakazian food which can only be tasted in our restaurant. You can try a variety of delicious dishes such as manti, chicken kiev, grilled salmon, and many more. Our restaurant is located on Ventura boulevard at Plaza de Oro with a big parking lot in the back. We have a spacious outside patio with a fountain, you may enjoy your meal while listening to the light Russian music on the background. 

We take reservations, offer pick-up, and cater.

EuroAsia Offers

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                                 Our Team

Our staff has been working together since 2011 and over the years became one big family. Our chef came from Uzbekistan to provide our customers with the most authentic Uzbek cuisine. Our team members came from many different Euro-Asian countries and are multilingual (Russian, Uzbek, Azerbaijani, Ukrainian, Turkish, Tatar, Farsi, and of course English). We work hard to provide our customers with delicious food and excellent customer service.


Ukrainian “Borsch” $8.00

(With beef or vegetarian, served with sour-cream)

Georgian style “Kharcho” $10.00

                                                            (Lamb soup with rice)

"Uha" $10.00

(Fish soup with sturgeon and salmon)

Lagman $11.00

(Hand-rolled noodles, served with beef and vegetables, in a beef bouillon dressing)     


Dough Dishes

Chicken "Pelmeni" (Russian style dumplings) $16.00

(Served with sour cream) 

Beef "Pelmeni" $16.00

(Served with sour cream) 

Varenniki with potato $16.00

(Boiled. Served with sour cream and fried onions)

Nalistnik $17.00

(Crepes stuffed with chicken, served with a mushroom sauce and mozzarella cheese)

"Manti" $17.00

(Steamed big dumplings, stuffed with lamb & beef)

Khanum $17.00

(Thin dough stuffed with potatoes, beef, & lamb served with vegetable sauce) 

Somsa (each) $4.00

(Triangular pastry shell filled with a mixture of beef and lamb)

"Chebureki" (3 pieces) $14.00

(Fried turnover filled with ground meat and onions)


Cold Starters


Lightly salted herring $13.00     

(Served with boiled or fried potatoes)

Assorted fish $21.00

(Capitan and gently marinated salmon)

Meat plate $21.00

(Cured ham, beef tongue)

Ukrainian Pork belly $18.00

(With black bread, garlic and onions)

Kholodets $15.00

(Beef in aspic)

Home style fried potato with mushrooms, garlic & dice $22.00



House Salad $15.00

(tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and dill)


Neptune $18.00

(Seafood salad with river crawfish tails, shrimp, eel, baby mixed greens, with special dressing and sesame seeds)


Fresh salad $15.00

(Made with fresh salad leaves, tomatoes, cucumbers, dill, feta cheese & olives)


Village salad $16.00

(Tomatoes, cucumbers, mixed greens, dressed with sour cream and garlic sauce. Topped with crushed crispy potato mini fries) 


Nature’s gifts $18.00

(Fresh cut vegetables, cheese and olives)


French Salad $18.00

(beef, red beets, carrots, cabbage, cucumbers, fried potato, walnuts and mayo)


Smoked Eel Salad $20.00

(baby greens mix, smoked eel fish in a special seafood dressing)


Pickled combo $17.00

Ahi tuna salad $24.00


Olivie $13.00

(Russian style potato salad)


Achik - Chuchuk $15.00

(Sliced tomatoes, onions and jalapeno)


Suzma $10.00

(Ground garlic and dill mixed with plain yogurt)

Tashkent salad $16.00

(Daikon radish, beef tongue, mayonnaise topped with fried onions)


Navruz salad $10.00

(Yogurt, cucumbers, garlic and dice)


Bulgarian Salad $16.00

(Fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, bell pepper, onions, feta cheese and olives)


Dishes on Brazier


* Sturgeon Kebab $25.00

(Served with an aromatic pomegranate sauce)

* Pork Kebab $17.00


* BBQ Pork Ribs $18.00


* Beef Lula $18.00


* Lamb Chops $29.00


* Chicken Kebab $18.00


* Chicken Lula $17.00

(*) - includes choice of side dishes.



Hot Entries


Oxtail stew with potato $29.00


Braised rabbit in sour cream sauce $23.00


*Chicken "Tabaka" $22.00

(Pan fried whole Cornish hen brushed with garlic dressing)


*Lamb shank $22.00


Meat stir-fry with vegetables $20.00

(Chicken or beef)


Vegetarian stir-fry $18.00

(Fried vegetable mix)


Beef stroganoff $21.00


Liver fried with onions in kazan $20.00

Plov $17.00

(Rice cooked in a seasoned broth (zirbak) with beef and carrots)


Home Made "Jarkoe" $20.00

(Stewed beef and potatoes, topped with onions)

Kavurma "Lagman" $21.00

(Hand-rolled noodles, fried in a special sauce made of meat and vegetables)


(*) - includes choice of side dishes.

Seafood Plates


*Baked Salmon $19.00

(Topped with massaga, salty, orange color caviar)


*White fish fillet $18.00

(Baked with cheese)


Fried flounder fish $19.00

(Served with special sauce)


Grilled shrimps - 4 pieces $23.00


Branzino baked $21.00

Branzino fried $20


Baked Trout $20.00

(Stuffed with crab meat and mayonnaise)


(*) - includes choice of side dishes.


Side Dishes


Fried Potato with garlic and dill $6.00


Mashed potato $6.00


Rice $6.00


Grilled Vegetables $6.00


We bake our own Uzbek traditional bread (Tashkent Non) in our special Uzbek oven (Tandoor) right here in the restaurant. Every order comes with bread. Extra bread is available for $3.00


Service charge 18% will be added to your bill.


Corkage fee $5.00 per bottle of wine, beer or spirits. 


Banquet Menu

Wine List

Where to find us: 


17209 Ventura Blvd.
Encino, CA 91316


(818) 205-9311

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